Ketamine Friday (October Infusion): Play on Playette

{Milkshake for typos.}

I have ketamine infusions every 6th to 7th Friday. “No Diggity” by Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre helps get me revved to go on my ketamine trip. Our family has a dance party to it plus some kiddo songs those mornings. “Diggity” is in my head as I mentally prep for an extreme version of letting go of control and some worry if my “trip” will be chill, good, or scary. In the seven months I’ve had infusions, I’ve had ’em all and then some.

One of my first infusions had me dreaming I was in an episode of the TV show “The OA” (stands for original angel). It was beautiful: looking forward to season two/hurry up “Prairie”/Netflix! One infusion trip scared the shit out of Husband. He doesn’t scare easily.


Infusions allow me to function while living with fibromyalgia’s intractable pain. Mine are through my pain management doctor at Oschner Baptist. It’s a five minute drive away plus just around the corner from my favorite chocolate shake for afterwards since I have to fast that day. I have also gone an hour+ away over the Causeway (world’s longest bridge) to the Ketamine Infusion Center in Covington, La., which can give a higher dose infusion, and more frequently. Both are good options.

My local infusions are always on Fridays and truly knock me out for the weekend or longer. Husband keeps our daughters busy those days, and I receive many more snuggles, sweet caresses, drawings and sparkly play-dough sculptures than I already am lucky to be gifted by them. Dreading it or not, here Friday cometh: “Play on, playette.”

How Ketamine Infusions Can Help: There is expected to be a ketamine inhaler approved by the FDA soon. Fingers crossed.

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