How I Cover My Zombie Eyes + Beautycounter GIVEAWAY!

IMG_0775“I’m impatient, I want the giveaway link now!”: First take this beauty quiz to determine what 3! free products are right for you. Then click the “email regimen” link and make sure to check the “Send my Consultant a copy” box. Beth Day of @simplylushlife will take care of you from there. Since I truly am 40+, I ordered “No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil.” What about you?

Fibro is a puzzle of brain and fascia. An unpredictable foe. A paradox of fatigue and insomnia. All this year I’ve experimented with non-chemical under eye concealers (aka free of phthalates, parabens, and other baddies) while continuing to use one with a deplorable rating from my go-to source, the EWG. I prefer a concealer pen though I’ve tried a host of better rated brands in all forms. Until recently none gave me the coverage I’ve grown used to from the concealer I needed to break up with.

I first wrote about my search on 40 & Over’s Fibro Tools page. One day a kind, supportive message from @simplylushlife appeared in my blog comments. This smart, fun #fibrowarrior advocates for #spoonies; cooks and posts beautiful GF/DF meals; and is a makeup lover who sells the brand Beautycounter, which has a good rating on EWG. I have a smattering of their products but had yet to try their concealer pen. With the compassion I now know her for, @simplylushlife gifted me pens in Fair and Light.

Guess what? They work! The same day the pens arrived in the mail I threw my baddie concealer in the trash and decided I would write about my new fave beauty product. Depending on how much time I have to de-zombify my dark under eye area before taking my daughters to school, I use one or both shades to achieve either my “I have a non-fibrocentric day planned” or “I feel fibro-crappy and am going straight back to bed after drop off” look.

To celebrate the beginning of our “lush” friendship, anyone who places a Beautycounter order through @simplylushlife before the end of the year will receive 3! different skin care samples. To order products plus receive free, customized samples, first take this beauty quiz to determine which products are right for you. Then click the “email regimen” link and make sure to check the “Send my Consultant a copy” box. @simplylushlife will take care of you from there (if you have any issues, please message: beth at simplylushlife dot com).

Thank you, @simplylushlife, for taking something off my plate and quickly becoming a buoy in the often stormy and dark (-eyed, ha!) sea of chronic pain.

Now you, dear readers, friends, moms, dads, chronic cronies and healthy people alike, order away!


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