Last Ketamine Friday (Of the Year)

B63F98B1-A08B-45CA-8BED-490454FD0788A year ago this month my Dad and I had a blast (sooo kidding) in the ER as I fetal-positioned in fear and dire pain that turned out to be from an ovarian cyst (my spring 2017 hysterectomy was only partial so that I didn’t immediately go into menopause). Last December marked the end for me in terms of moving from GYN issues to fibromyalgia.

Today my Dad, above, has flown in from Charleston to be my designated infusion getaway car driver. He’ll give Husband a hand with our little ladies this weekend while I sleep off the ketamine hangover. For a septuagenarian who wasn’t supposed to live past the early 2000s he’s healthier than me! Thank you, Dad/Pop/Alan Francis.

Included with my interview questions for Dr. Liptan was a personal one about long term use of ketamine. She responded, “This is a good review article on safety/risks of ketamine used long term for chronic pain management. Hard to know for sure as there have not been very many studies, but it looks like it’s overall fairly safe.” She recommended that I get liver testing every few months as about 10% of subjects in ketamine studies show some liver strain.

Song of the day: Radio Gaga (Queen is my favorite band; Rosebud was born to their “Under Pressure”; and of course there’s our fibro royalty, Lady Gaga herself)

Expected post-infusion post-fasting meal: Per usual, Company Burger‘s chocolate shake (their family secret chocolate sauce is the very best) and of course a burger. Healthy food for dinner. Maybe.

My guess for how many naps I’ll take over the next 72 hours: 80

Why Fridays, which are not parent/kid/weekend-friendly?: That’s the only day my doctor gives infusions

See you on the other side of this K-trip, 40 & Over readers. See you in 2019, my worst-best fibro treatment…


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