FibroOURalgia & a New Grief Stage


{Find a typo, get a purple prize ribbon.}

Junebug calls fibromyalgia “fibroYOURalgia.” Her 4–y-o vocabulary is boundless, her grammar quite thoughtful. I wish I didn’t have to answer my daughters’ questions of, “Why will your fibroyouralgia never go away?” “How can you still take me to the playground even though you have fibroyouralgia?” But in my recently shifted acceptance—though always knowledge- and new approach-seeking—stage of grief over my diagnosis, I’m working to feel grateful for their questions.

Grateful they want to show me their “new tricks” on the playground. Grateful for one more hug before heading out on a Daddy or sitter adventure if it’s a bad day, or on a day like today when I have a ketamine infusion hangover. Grateful to have begun a dialogue of acceptance with my cognitive behavioral therapist re: since “my algia” is here to stay barring new research/meds, I can help myself and family by turning grief into gratefulness. {When possible.}

What I’m about to write makes me nauseous. It’s been almost a year since my diagnosis. Time, knowledge gained, and joining a caring, educational, accepting, inspiring, “bio-hacking” online community have helped me shift from anger to acceptance. It’s a fact that our family lives, suffers and sometimes (a wee bit) benefits with/from fibromyalgia. If we can find healthy ways to make it fibroOURalgia, we will succeed, together.

6 thoughts on “FibroOURalgia & a New Grief Stage

  1. It’s never easy getting to the acceptance stage, but always necessary. I had to smile at your little girl’s description – fibroyouralgia, and I love the way you are turning that into a positive. That OUR is so important.


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