Who Dat! Today I’m Like All New Orleanians: Chronically Crazy

“Home is Where You Hang Your Beads”

It’s Carnival/Mardi Gras season in Nola, where beads throw on trees; king cakes are in everyone’s shopping carts, seen being transported on airplanes, and gobbled by mouths of all sizes; floatloads of beads are coming soon; and my daughters’ school gets out early on parade days as it and our house are in “the box,” which means once the parades start you cannot easily drive out.

I “make” 11 years in Nola next week and am SO proud. For today’s game I made ginger simple syrup to mix with local Sazerac Rye Whiskey and a spritz of sparkling water. Will gear up w/ a Fleurty Girl Mardi Gras shirt, black and gold hair  accessory, and nail polish by Native Polish. Today it’s their rosy gold “Spicy or Mild?” Spicy, duh (when my mild IC allows it!).

If the Saints win today, Who Dat hearts will swell so large that they might solve the border crisis; global warming; and 20 years later answer, is Tony Soprano dead or alive? Yes, New Orleans pride is that powerful. 🤞🏻🏈🥃👑🌙

Who Dat?! We Dat! 

Chronically & Nervously Yours,

Jennifer “Coleauxman”


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