Let’s Talk About CBD


{Find a typo and I’ll…go on a diatribe about fibro exhaustion. I’m out of my Frida Botanicals CBD tincture otherwise it would be in the photo as well. Please read my disclaimer before taking any advice from this post.}

I experiment with a variety of CBD products as a way to (try to) take fewer mgs of klonopin, a benzo. There are many reported reasons why benzos should be avoided but just as many regarding why, if you’re lucky like me and don’t have addiction difficulties, klonopin is perfection.

I woke this morning in a panic attack after a poor night of sleep and terrible dreams, likely because I’m digesting something emotionally tough that Rosebud (6) told us at bedtime last night. I took a CBD tincture right away. Alas, I realize as I type that I’m going to need klon too, and some good breathing to get through the morning.

In January I acquired a 1:1 CBD/THC pen. It relaxes me quickly but bothers my lungs. Plus I have to hide from my daughters to toke. I mostly use the pen at bedtime and on a rough day due to trying to take less klonopin, but only if I’m done driving my car that day.

CBD and the 1:1 pen are natural options while I wait for legal medical marijuana in New Orleans (this spring, says the doctors’ office whose wait list I’m on!!), which will supposedly come in tincture form, hooray! No hiding its consumption from my daughters…though now I’m gonna be a mom who has a secret stash of THC? Fine by me. Even 6 months ago I didn’t want medical Mary Jane. I’ve truly reached a new, more accepting place.

In addition to Frida Botanicals (see below), the CBD products I’ve tried are from Vital Plan Select: I have a tincture that is of good value and quality; Sun Med CBD: I can walk to one of their locations from my house! Their CBD cream helps me immensely; and Upstate Elevator: I like their capsules and keep their CBD spray in my purse for quick, low-dose relief while out and about.

The “Shoulds” of CBD

I’m no science whiz (words, words, words are obvi my passion), nor am I a CBD/THC expert, so thankfully I’ve been advised by my pal @simplylushlife to look for these three factors in CBD products. Should be Full-Spectrum. Should be Decarboxalayted. Vapor extraction method is best.

I also recommend Frida Botanicals. I’ve ordered multiples of their products and trust them greatly as the company was founded by #fibrowarrior and specialist Dr. Ginevra Liptan. I interviewed Dr. Liptan in December 2018 about her fibro food book and beliefs, here.


What to Order? Frida Botanicals CBD Tincture 15ml: The tincture is a full spectrum extract from Colorado-grown organic hemp, and includes other therapeutic ingredients from the hemp plant such as terpenes and other cannabinoids. One full dropper contains 33.4 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp. It helps me day and night.

Frida Botanicals CBD Muscle Balm 2oz: The Muscle Balm (150mg CBD in the 2 ounces) is a quick and effective way to soothe sore muscles and joints. I find mild to full relief for aches (knees, neck, back, hip) depending on their severity.

Frida Botanicals Magnesium Cream 3oz: The Magnesium Cream works against chronic pain and aids muscle relaxation by replenishing local extracellular ionic magnesium stores. The benefits of magnesium can be combined with CBD Muscle Balm or used independently. A lotion that does more than moisturize? Yes!

Questions about CBD? Here are some answers:

Why is CBD Everywhere? by Alex Williams of The New York Times

Frida Botanicals FAQ

Report on Fibromyalgia Patients’ Experience with CBD by Dr. Liptan

The Science of CBD for Fibromyalgia by Dr. Liptan

CBD FAQs & CBD Video by Dr. Liptan

Please note: I independently ordered products from Frida Botanicals for months before I became an affiliate for them. Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means, at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. The purpose of 40 & Over is to help others, and myself, though earning from my blog will help offset the cost of my many out of pocket fibromylagia expenses. Thank you for understanding.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About CBD

  1. Can only use medicinal cannabis in NZ for very specific conditions – not mine, of course! – but I like to inform myself ready for when I can use it. Great post, thank you.


  2. Medicinal cannabis has just been legalised here in the UK, but not for chronic pain. I use a CBD vape pen but am never sure if I should use it regularly rather than just as and when the pain peaks (like with a dislocation) – it is so difficult to get proper advice. I trialled oil before, and am thinking of having another go with some….thanks for sharing your experience so far and hopefully you will be able to get your legal “stash” soon!! Claire x


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