3 Products I Love


Nine-Year-Old Claude Cat is Another Love

Here are some new and old loves this Valentine’s week, which is also the week I met Husband, 18 years ago! {Cue the “awwws.”}

Heating pad: Last week my daughter mistakenly broke my heating pad, which I’d had for 10 years. I was relieved to see it’s still being made and immediately ordered another.

I like this one in particular because it’s big enough to hit multiple sore spots; it has moist heat that warms but doesn’t feel like flames; and because of its flexibility/safety feature, which is best described by the company’s directions: ‘squeeze the handle to heat, release to cool down.’

Why oh why are all my Instagram ads soooo well-targeted these days?! The next two products were ads that I clicked on and soon purchased.

Bracelet: The MyIntent bracelet I wear, seen above, feels good and fits well, has a purposefully purple band, and I designed it to say:


Why? If you’re a #spoonie, you can easily guess. If you know me, you know I’ve had both for most of my life (“moxie” was a consideration as well). My bracelet helps me feel good on normal days and stronger on hard days. The bracelets are affordable enough that I might order a new one with different words later this year if rehab, going GF, and other personal changes make enough of a difference with my fibro. To order and also benefit me, please use this link: MyIntent.

Here’s the (Grass-Fed) Beef: Tonight I’m making Garlic Herb Crusted Boneless Pork Roast with two types of rosemary from our outdoor garden, garlic chives from our indoor garden, and pork from ButcherBox. I liked our first delivery so much that I changed our membership from every other month to monthly. I’ve made a lot of baked chicken during my adult life; none has tasted better than when I made it using ButcherBox’s last month. Same with the beef sauce I made and poured over GF pasta.

New Orleans is home to countless treasured restaurants in our country’s culinary canon but when fibro allows I like to cook the bulk of our meals. Why? Cost, kids, and eating fibro-healthy, certainly, but also because I can’t help but wonder, where does the meat I’m eating come from; what/how did the animals injest; how were they treated; and how were they slaughtered? ButcherBox is upfront about their feed and practices. Plus having their delivery in our freezer makes meal planning most cost effective for the best meats, and easier for me whether I’m at the store on a good day or ordering online on a rough one.

I could go on and on about how happy I am with this subscription (which you can pause or cancel at any time), but I’ll let their informative website do the talking, except on these two points: 1. You can customize your order depending on what meat(s) you prefer, and there are monthly specials and add-one for further variety. 2. Grass-fed beef has healthier fat, fewer calories, and more Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids than grain-fed.

If you decide to try ButcherBox and use my Referral Link, you’ll receive 2 free filet mignons (Junebug already has very high class taste in meat, specifically this cut), free bacon (nitrate, sugar, all the bad stuff-free), and $10 off your first box. I’ll get the same filet mignons: win-win!

This post contains affiliate links, which help offset the cost of  blogging.


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