Rehab? No, No, No


Summer 2011

They tried to make me go to rehab/I said, no, no, no/Yes, I been black/But when I come back, you’ll know, know, know.”-Amy Winehouse

{As high achieving as Husband is, one of the things he particularly respects about me is that I quit. I quit when I know a job, friendship or, as below, a rehab program isn’t right for me. I’m a quitter, and I’m proud of it! Letter to my program practitioners follows.}

Hi Everyone,

I now have two feverish little ladies and won’t be able to come to Functional Restoration the next few sked days. I’ve had some downtime to think, and I’m not going to return to FRP. I had reservations about it as I learned more before beginning but chose to join when I learned it would be a three-day program instead of five. That said, pain is not one size fits all and I now know that this is not the right program for me.

FRP is staffed with smart, caring, forward-thinking practitioners, and I learned a lot in just two days last week. If I designed the ultimate program for me, it would be with non-retirees, younger participants, or other young parents. We would all have fibro as our primary concern. We would cater to fibro patients’ ideal pace to achieve success.

Once my kids are back at school I’m going to take the information gained and put it to work in the way that works best for my age, abilities, body, my stay-at-home parenting morning/afternoon/sometimes long nights job, and my inner strength. To the gym, low and slow, I go!

I pulled myself out of unbearable chronic pelvic pain and into a yoga headstand a decade ago. I know I can help myself again in that manner, though fibro is of course more complicated. I accept I won’t completely shed this second chronic pain diagnosis and the effects and meds that come with it unless a cure is found.

Thank you very much for your time, which most importantly reminded me of who I am and what I’m capable of doing.



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