4+ Reasons to Donate to #SupportFibro!

And it’s LIVE!

4 reasons to donate to our #SupportFibro fundraising campaign on INDIEGOGO:

1. Choose your PERKS! 2. Help fibro friends who live in chronic/intractable pain. 3. Check off mitzvah or good deed from your list of things to do for the day/week/year! 4. This non-profit brightens my life, connects me to people with similar experiences, teaches me daily, and keeps me up to date on the latest fibro research. And that’s just me! Our reach is hundreds of thousands of people.

Click here or on this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fibromyalgia-fights-on-supportfibro?fbclid=IwAR2hnACjB0UeFJYtSvbDwlJyX2vBFu4UhBVfCLmU0yoN8PGRLvhWXL-Y68E#/

What? Yes! There are even more reasons:

Fibromyalgia Fights On: Expand patient and provider education, inspire new researchers, and increase advocacy. #SupportFibro is a nonprofit organization bringing the Fibromyalgia community together through education, research, and advocacy. With millions of patients worldwide it’s time for a new era of change! Through your donations, we will expand patient and provider education, build stronger local Fibromyalgia communities, increase our advocacy, and inspire new researchers and clinicians to join the field. This is not a journey for a select few, but for all of us. Fibromyalgia Fights On! #supportfibro #chronicpain #chronicillness


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