I made up a new hashtag: #PutFibroFirst

Why?!: The Fibromyalgia Community, purple hearts and butterflies and all, needs a change.


This stellar video discusses the bittersweet truth of living with Fibro.

If you want to help, please click the following link from the International Support Fibromyalgia Network to donate; it’s our 1st INDIEGOGO FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN, and we’re so proud of it that we’d give you a tight hug if we could…but since only gentle hugs are wanted in our community, just click!

We mean it when we say: Every $ Will Help!

We need a “butterfly effect” that includes:
-Better healthcare, including more doctors like The Frida Center for Fibromyalgia who #PutFibroFirst
-Thorough, ongoing research and trials
-Reliable and updated resources
-Increased advocacy
-Continuing education for patients and providers
-Free workshops for patients and their families

The team at the International Support Fibromyalgia Network is hard at work on these truly LIFE OR DEATH changes. We ask that you, our community, our family, our friends, show your support. We’d love to tell you more about the work ISFN is doing, the details of new fundraising PERK packages, and about our upcoming Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C.

*Snag a PERK when you donate to the campaign! Perks are limited, exclusive, and include*:
-Wellness coaching
-Virtual pantry makeover
-“Biohacking” Fibromyalgia tutorial
-Special edition Fibromyalgia T-shirts
-Smoothie EBOOK by Being Fibro Mom

Thank You & Gentle Hugs,
The team of Support Fibro & the hundreds of thousands of Fibromyalgia patients in need of CHANGE.


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