7 Ideas to Help ME

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After doing well for a while (“well” as in fibro- #spoonie-well, not pre-fibro well), I’ve been in a devastatingly bad way. Here’s what I’m trying this time around:

  1. I was asked to join the Support Fibro Team: cue much needed, non-pill form happy hormones, and of course purple hair for Fibromyalgia Awareness Month in May! I love blogging but I also want my voice and abilities to have a larger impact. I’m so proud to use my journalism/magazine editor skills, and PR/Marketing skills from jobs in between NYC magazine layoffs, to help an organization that works tirelessly to support the fibro community.
  2. I’m switching to a new pain doctor. I see him for a second time this week.
  3. New pain doctor prescribed a cream with Ketamine IN IT! I’m not finding pain relief with other creams (I have ’em all), and I’m sick of taking baths that take more energy than they’re worth. I’ll have to be extraordinarily careful around my kids when wearing the cream (I’ll layer up the Ketamine-covered areas).
  4. On a similar note, my last Ketamine infusion didn’t provide the usual pain relief. Is my body no longer responding? Or was something just wonky last time? To answer this question I’m having an infusion tomorrow…
  5. I saw a Functional Medicine doctor this month for the first time. I’m waiting on bloodwork results to come back before we can consider proceeding… I restart PT for fibro next week. I need to get stronger again so that basic physical activity flares me either not at all or at least less… I’m also interested in restarting Reiki… I saw the benefits of Craniosacral Therapy on my daughter after an oral surgery so am very open to it, and also want try hypnosis… I’m taking a break from Myofascial Release after my last appointment sent me into a flare for a weeek… All appointments take energy I already don’t have, and energy away from parenting my worried daughters, so I must prioritize.
  6. I’m seeking a new therapist along the lines of either CBT, DBT or Psychotherapist. Because of my mom’s metastatic breast cancer, I’ve been in therapy since I was 13. I’ve done the deep, deep work, the digging, the baring of myself to myself. Of course there’s always new work to do, or age and experience to add to the old work… Humans are so complicated, and also so simple.
  7. I’m looking to travel/am seeking out a pain clinic that’s geared to fibro, or an individual who can help me better than my local options. Not sure a good doctor/clinic exists aside from Dr. Liptan (she doesn’t take out of state patients). I’m hopeful…

Onward with Gentle Hugs, Jennifer w/the Purple Hair 😉


2 thoughts on “7 Ideas to Help ME

  1. I love the outside the box ideas on trying to find a way to feel better. Gentle hugs girl 🤗


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