Quick Pic: “Fall Risk”

Ketamine Friday underway. I’m seeing triple. Makes typing like a video game. First Zofran (avoid med-related nausea). Versed (anti-hallucinatory). Oxygen. Ketamine. The infusion gets you high. Brings you back. Wheelchair to car. Husbands picks up food to end overnight fast. Home to sleep for a few days. Repeat in 36 to 42 days.

Ketamine Friday (October Infusion): Play on Playette

{Milkshake for typos.} I have ketamine infusions every 6th to 7th Friday. “No Diggity” by Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre helps get me revved to go on my ketamine trip. Our family has a dance party to it plus some kiddo songs those mornings. "Diggity" is in my head as I mentally prep for an extreme … Continue reading Ketamine Friday (October Infusion): Play on Playette