Kudos for 40 & Over

Loving others is what makes our worlds go round, and loving yourself is the most important gift we can give. I do love me, always have. My Mom raised me that way, and I’m raising my daughters the same. Hence, my page of “Kudos.”

“I admire you so much. Grit. Gumption. Love.” ~Beth Day, #fibrowarrior and Dear Friend

“Jennifer pours her soul into her posts. They are real, almost visceral at times. She genuinely cares and wants to help others with Fibromyalgia and she holds nothing back. No pretense here– just openness, honesty, and real-world experiences.” ~Meshea, #fibrowarrior

“I’m proud of you for taking control, beginning the weight loss {I have 40 lbs of pain weight to lose and am halfway there}, and doing this blog. You are doing a great service for SO many others. Kudos!!” ~Dr. Barbary Levy of ACOG, my hero, mentor, and an amazing human being




“I just ‘liked’ your page after finding you on another site. My first thought…Thank you for posting a profile pic that is REAL. Usually, profile pics or posted photos are not relatable. They very well may be of good intention; an effort to encourage passers-by to not give up. But what my eyes see and what my brain tells me are much less than encouraging. To see your page and something that is raw, that could very well be my own selfie right now, makes me feel less than alone. Thanks.” -CR