3 Products I Love

  Here are some new and old loves this Valentine's week, which is also the week I met Husband, 18 years ago! {Cue the “awwws.”} Heating pad: Last week my daughter mistakenly broke my heating pad, which I'd had for 10 years. I was relieved to see it's still being made and immediately ordered another. … Continue reading 3 Products I Love

Rehab? Yes, Yes, Yes

“They tried to make me go to rehab/I said, no, no, no/Yes, I been black/But when I come back, you'll know, know, know.” -Amy Winehouse Outpatient Functional Restoration Program at my hospital, you had me at sleep hygiene! {I actually QUIT after two days! Wrong program for “young” fibro patients, to say the bleeping least} … Continue reading Rehab? Yes, Yes, Yes

How I Cover My Zombie Eyes + Beautycounter GIVEAWAY!

“I’m impatient, I want the giveaway link now!": First take this beauty quiz to determine what 3! free products are right for you. Then click the "email regimen" link and make sure to check the "Send my Consultant a copy" box. Beth Day of @simplylushlife will take care of you from there. Since I truly … Continue reading How I Cover My Zombie Eyes + Beautycounter GIVEAWAY!