Locked Out: 24 Hours In My Fibro Life

Husband is out of town for a possible new work project and I've just come out of a five-day fibro flare. He was concerned he would need to cancel his trip but A. Thankfully it ended in time B. I'm resourceful even when in dire pain C. I adamantly refuse to let my health hold … Continue reading Locked Out: 24 Hours In My Fibro Life

“Invisible Illness” Emergency Room Trip

{Find a typo, and I can’t even.} I think I look smokin’ in my new Mardi Gras dress. However, I’ve been in a full body flare for over 48h. Widespread pain with pins and needles. On fire. It’s dire. Strangely none of the 18 fibro points hurt. The pain meds protocol put in place by … Continue reading “Invisible Illness” Emergency Room Trip